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🎙️ThursdAI - Jul 27: SDXL1.0, Superconductors? StackOverflowAI and Frontier Model Forum

🎙️ThursdAI - Jul 27: SDXL1.0, Superconductors? StackOverflowAI and Frontier Model Forum

This week has every AI researcher in ICML in Hawaii so it was light on AI news, but heavy on everything else from Aliens to Superconductor breakthroughs. (which we will not cover broadly)

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Here’s a summary of the main things that happened in AI since last ThursdAI:

🧑‍🎨 releases SDXL1.0

  • Generates 1024px x 1024x stunning images

  • High high photorealism

  • Supports hands and text

  • Different (simpler?) prompting required

  • Fine-tunes very well!

  • Supports LORAs, ControlNet in-painting and outcropping and the whole ecosystem built around SD

  • Refiner is a separate piece that adds high quality detail

  • Available on Dreamstudio, Github, ClipDrop and HuggingFace

  • Also, is available with incredible ComfyUI and can be used in a free Colab!

    Image Credit goes to Thibaud

Superconductors on Hugging Face? What?

Honestly, this has nothing immediate to do with AI updates, but, if it pans out, it’s so revolutionary that it will affect AI also!

Here’s what we know about LK-99 so far:

  • 2 papers released on arXiv (and hugging face haha) in the span of several hours

  • First AND second paper both claim extraordinary claims of solving ambient superconductivity

  • Ambient pressure and room temp superconductive material called LK-99

  • Straightforward process with a clear replication manual and fairly common materials

  • Papers lack rigor, potentially due to rushing out or due to fighting for credit for nobel prize

  • The science is potentially sound, and is being “baked and reproduced in multiple labs” per science mag.

Potential effects of room temperature superconductivity on AI:

While many places (All?) can benefit from the incredible applications of superconductors (think 1000x batteries) the field of AI will benefit as well if the result above replicates.

  • Production of GPU and CPU is power-constrained and could benefit

  • GPU/CPUs themselves are power-constrained while running inference

  • GPT-4 is great but consumes more power (training and inference) than previous models making it hard to scale

  • Local inference is also power-restricted, so running local models (and local walking robots) could explode with superconductivity

  • Quantum computing is going to have a field day if this is true

  • So will fusion reactors (which need superconductors to keep the plasma in place)

    As we wait for labs to reproduce, I created a twitter list of folks who are following closely, feel free to follow along!

AI agents protocol, discussion and state of for July 2023

  • Participated in an e2b space with tons of AI builders (Full space and recap coming soon!)

  • Many touted AI agents as a category and discussed their own frameworks

  • Folks came up and talked about their needs from the agent protocol proposed by e2b

  • Agents need to be able to communicate with other agents/sub agents

  • Tasks payloads and artifacts and task completion can be async (think receiving a response email from a colleague)

  • The ability to debug (with timetravel) and trace and reproduce an agent run

  • Deployment, running and execution environment issues

  • Reliability of task finish reporting, and evaluation is hard

Frontier model forum

  • OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and Microsoft are forming the Frontier Model Forum to promote safe and responsible frontier AI.

  • The Forum will advance AI safety research, identify best practices, share knowledge on risks, and support using AI for challenges like climate change.

  • Membership is open to organizations developing frontier models that demonstrate safety commitment.

  • The Forum will focus on best practices, AI safety research, and information sharing between companies and governments.

  • Some have expressed concern that this could enable regulatory capture by the “Big LLM” shops that can use the lobbying power to stop innovation.

StackOverflow AI - “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

Stack overflow has been in the news lately, when a graphic of it’s decline in traffic has become viral.

They have publicly disputed that information claiming they have moved to a different measuring and didn’t update the webpage, but then also… announced Overflow AI!

  • AI search and aggregation of answers + ability to follow up in natural language

  • Helps drafting questions

  • AI answers with a summary, and citations with the ability to “extend” and adjust for your coding level

  • VSCode integration!

  • Focusing on “validated and trusted” content

  • Not only for SO code, stack overflow for teams will also embed other sources (like your company confluence) and will give you attributed answers and tagging abilities on external content

This has been an insane week in terms of news (👽 anyone?) and superconductors and AI releases! As always, I’m grateful for your attention! Forward this newsletter to 1 friend as a favor to me if you learned something new? Or alternatively, retweet us on twitter for bigger reach!

Thank you! See you next ThursdAI (and on Sunday when I release the State Of Agents recap 😅 )

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ThursdAI - Recaps of the most high signal AI weekly spaces
ThursdAI - The top AI news from the past week
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